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Rhonda Miller's Art Class

Welcome to my online classroom.

            My name is Rhonda Miller and I am excited to be your child’s art teacher.

            My email address is rmiller@claremore.k12.ok.us, that would be the best way to contact me. Your child has a supply fee of $20.00 for this class, Please make check out to: Will Rogers Junior HighThis fee will cover all supplies needed for the entire semester.  If this is a problem for you and your family please contact me. If you and your family need to pay a little at a time, that can be arranged.  Being a parent of three, I know how financially stressful the beginning of the school year can be, so to keep cost down for you I came up with this plan to help families with the high costs of art supplies. This format has been very successful in the past and parents seem to be grateful to have cut the cost, instead of me giving a supply list that could get rather costly. This will also do away with the issues of a student having or not having supplies, this way no child is left behind or without. So to explain more, the supplies are used by the whole class and each student will have everything they need in the classroom. Art students will not need to carry anything to and from the art room.

If you choose to buy your childs supplies instead of paying the art fee, there is a list below of what they will need for my class.

         Your child will earn his/her grade according to these criteria.
  • Completes work & follows instructions

  • Neatness, craftsmanship and overall appearance

  • Original ideas

  • Following directions

  • Did he/she give 100% effort on the assignment

  • Each student will be graded as an individual artist

  • Zero Policy for Art Class


               In my art classes I have a list of assignments on the board. Each student begins at the top and works down the list. A student cannot go to the next assignment until the first assignment is completed and checked by the teacher, and so on. This eliminates all the possibilities of a student having any O’s in my class.

               Each class day will begin with a bell work assignment. Following bell work, students immediately begin assignments listed on the board.  There will be a list of assignments at all times so young artist may work at their own artistic pace. No one advances to the next assignment until the teacher has approved the assignment and it is completed, has graded it and the students files it into their portfolio, it is the students responsibility to keep up with all artwork at all times.

    Students are required to stay busy every second during art, our time is valuable so burning daylight is not allowedMisbehavior, vandalism to art supplies or furniture, disrespect, time wasting and failure to clean up will not be tolerated.

               This year will defiantly be a school year that they will never forget.  With everyone working together, we will create masterpieces that every child will always remember. We will be successful and your child will be a part of projects that will permanently decorate Will Rogers Junior High.  Cool projects that they will be proud to stand up and say, “I helped do that.” This is what it’s all about, giving each and every child an artistic experience that they can have pride in.

    Everyday students show up in art, to “Ride for the Brand” of Zebra Pride.  This means that every day they show up, they are on a team, a team of zebras and we take pride in what we do, and how we present ourselves as well as stand up for each other.

Art 1 & 2 Supply List

 Please buy the largest set of each item, which you can afford and use any supplies that you may have at home to save on cost.  Best places to buy supplies would be Walmart, Hobby Lobby or Michaels.  Thank You for your support! We appreciate you….. :)

  • Colored Markers (Sm & Lg)

  • Colored Pencils

  • Plastic container with a lid to wash brushes in. (Yogurt container would work.)

  • Fine tip black sharpie or ink pen for outlining.

  • Standard size black sharpie.

  • #2 Pencils or artist set of pencils

  • Tissue and Paper Towels

  • Large Glue Bottle

  • Styrofoam Paper Plates or 2 plastic butter tub or ice cream lids for mixing paints.

  • Flat Artist Paint Brush (sizes ¼”, ½” in width across)

  • One round detailed Artist Paint Brush

  • Containers to store art supplies, make sure the container will fit into the student’s locker. Locker door opening is 9 inches.

  •  sketch pad suitable for wet(paint and marker) and dry medias.

  • White apple barrel paint.(Found in the craft section)

  • One Large and Small Zip Lock bag.

***If your child is artistic and if it is in your budget, you may want to purchase a set of oil pastels and or pastel chalk and a nice set of watercolors.


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