Traci Smith

Course Description

Geography is the study of spatial patterns of the human and physical characteristics of the world and its peoples.  Students will use geographic knowledge as a tool for understanding the concepts of economics and the impact of recent history on contemporary events. Students will explore how spatial patterns form, change over time, and relate to one another.  Our studies will cover the Eastern Hemisphere.



Enable students to sufficiently apply basic geographic concepts learned inWorld Geography to analyze patterns and processes of global economic interdependence, developed and developing countries, economic activities, and world trade;  to interpret, evaluate and offer solutions for people, places, and environments of regions and cultures;  to develop global literacy and innovative thinking to create effective citizens in modern society.


Class Organization and Teaching Methods

Plan to learn through lectures, discussions, Power Points, journaling, independent research, group projects, essays, reading, games, and creativity.  Most work will be completed together in class.  There will be quizzes each week over the class work; assignments and notes may or may not receive grades, but should be studied for the purpose of taking the quizzes and chapter tests.

Geography Textbook
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Educational History:

High School:  Claremore High School 1991

Jr. College:  Rogers State University:  1997

Undergraduate:  Northwestern State University:  2000

Graduate College:  Texas A&M:  2005

Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education

Masters of Education

Professional Development:

OKAGE (Oklahoma Alliance of Geography Education)

Current Position:

Claremore Public Schools
Will Rogers Jr. High
7th Grade Eastern Hemisphere Geography (2012-Present)
6th Grade Language Arts and World History (2009-2012)
2009 to Present

Previous Position:

Central Upper Elementary
6th Grade Language Arts and World History
Claremore Public Schools

Mesquite, Texas
Mesquite Independent Public Schools
4th grade (2 Years), 3rd Grade (2 Years), 1st Grade (1 Year)

Family Information:

Husband - Eric Smith, Married in 1991Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Children - Kanesa and Jacob

I have 1 cat, BoBo and 2 dogs, Toby and Peanut.